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10 Majors Spartans

(formerly KY Fire) looking to add 1 to 2 players that are hard-working, committed, and dedicated. Please contact Don McGlynn at (662) 404-2010 to schedule a tryout or join us at an upcoming training session.


12U Majors NKB Sluggers The 12U Sluggers are looking for 2 players for the Spring 2018 season. We are a talent based team and looking for individuals that are capable and willing to play both infield and outfield. The Sluggers will be playing NKB Majors during the Spring season and possibly 1-2 tournaments within two hours of Northern Kentucky. We start pitchers/catchers indoor practice in January/February We will be holding individual tryouts until we find 2 players that fit the teams needs. For more information contact Bob Chapman (859)496-6849 and leave message or and we will arrange the tryout.

10U Dragons (Majors)

10U Dragons Majors are looking to fill one roster spot for this upcoming season.  It will be a fun and competitive environment.  We are looking to play roughly 25-30 games which includes the regular season and a few tournaments.  To schedule a tryout, contact:


Dan Blevins



12U MAJORS – Silver Sluggers
The 12U Silver Sluggers are looking to add one player for the Spring 2018 season.  We play in the NKB Majors division and will play in a couple of local tournaments as well.  Our team is based in Villa Hills, KY and we have access to well-maintained fields.  We are holding indoor practices that just recently started in January in preparation for the Spring 2018 season.  Please contact Scott Campling at 859-750-5937 or   to discuss further and arrange a tryout.
-The 10u NKY Bombers are looking to fill 1 spot for their upcoming spring season. This team will play in a competitive environment with multiple tournaments and some travel. 

If interested in an individual tryout please contact Tim Lastivka at 5023038175 or   -

12U Lions Majors

The 12U Lions will be holding a tryout over the next couple of weeks including two practices and one scrimmage.  The first tryout will be Wednesday, October 18th at 5:30PM.  We are looking to add between three and four players for the spring team when we will play in the majors.    


We are preparing players to enter high school baseball.  We will practice once a week starting in January in an indoor facility.  I am happy to work with people regarding basketball conflicts.  Once basketball has concluded, we will practice twice a week, also indoors, until the schedule begins.  Most, if not all, practices will be inside to avoid the interruptions in schedules that the rain causes in the spring with the need for last minute practices.  This guarantees that we get all of our practices in without the need to schedule makeup practices.


We will move fast, stay focused and have concrete objectives for each practice. We won't move on to new objectives until the previous objectives are achieved.  Again, developing players into high school players is the goal.  The correct fundamentals and technique of baseball represent our core focus.  We will expand from there.  Most practices will contain three or four stages, often competition based, building up to a game play stage where we will simulate the fundamentals we have learned.  Practices will be fun but instructive.


In addition to NKB, we will be playing games and tournaments outside of NKB, although we will not travel far for tournaments.  Call or text Aaron at 859-816-0956 or email for more information.    


12U Red Dragons Baseball Organization

The Red Dragons baseball organization will be expanding in the Spring of 2018.

We will be holding an open tryout for the 2018 season.

We plan to fill two teams (one Major and one Minor)

Player must be born after May 1st, 2005.

The Red Dragons play through NKB.

The Major team will play spring, fall, and additional games outside of the NKB organization. In addition they will play 2 local tournaments and 2 travel tournaments.

The Minor team is more for the recreational player who still wants to play Red Dragons baseball but with minimal obligation They will play the NKB spring and fall schedule.


11U Lions

The 11u Lions Baseball Team is looking for a few players to fill their roster for the 2018 season. We are sponsored by the Florence Lions Club and will be playing in the NKBaseball league.

Team practices will start late January / early February.

For more information about tryouts, please contact Mike Serra at 547-7009, or